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Contribute to solutions for "Freedom of Speech" !

Time: 13 Feb 16.30 - 21.00 - 14 Feb 08.30 - 21.00

The media industry is undergoing major changes: content packaging, media distribution, mobile advertising, data science, business models and media value chain have recently been influenced by new players and new technologies. However there is a large unexplored area surrounding the narrative itself - storytelling - which remains unaffected by new technologies.

During the hackathon KTH Innovation coaches will facilitate all participants through a process that is used in their incubator for startups.

Why you should join: 

You will contribute to new solutions for “Freedom of Speech” with a interdisciplinary team that you will be curated into and learn & mingle & create with speakers and staff from Sveriges Radio, Schibsted, Bonnier, KTH Innovation, UR, Reporters Without Borders, Bambuser, students from Södertörn University, KTH & Stockholm University, entrepreneurs and other experts.


Be sure to secure your spot. Join us to create and innovate new solutions !


Freedom of speech is threatened; many voices are silenced today because of threats or hate. We see a lot of  contradicting perspectives in society today. How can we use new upcoming technologies to increase the freedom of speech thereby allowing more untold stories to be narrated without retaliation or censorship ?

You will work with one of the two subcategories within a multidisciplinary team or work with your own approved challenge if you have a complete team. You can choose to apply as a full team (3-5 ) or apply alone. 

1. The search for true stories

Every story has multiple sides, moreover technology enhancements have changed consumers into producers and exposed us to challenging perspectives. How can we create tools and services that allow crowdsourcing while filtering out untrue and false stories?

2. Safe to express myself

People should not be in danger based on their recording a happening. Youth today are subjected to intense cyber bullying for expressing their views. Can we invent tools and technology to protect all citizens right of expression without retaliation? 


The hackathon ends with a presentation to a jury made of top leaders, senior editors and directors from the participating companies. 

The jury will select 3 teams that will be invited to a unique winners event in February.


Anjali Virmani Paul, Business Coach & Project Leader,
Susanne Fuglsang - Executive Producer,, 070-738 99 97

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Speaker - Ginna Lindberg
Head of Foreign News, Ekot

Swedish Broadcasting

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Speaker - Jonathan Lundqvist

Reporters Without Borders

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Speaker - Annelie Demred
Commercial Director


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Jury - Lisa Eriksson

KTH Innovation

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Jury - Peter Wolodarski
Chief editor


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Jury -Cilla Benkö

Swedish Radio

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Jury - Markus Gustafsson
Founder/Editor in Chief/


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Jury - Christel Tholse Willers


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Program 13-14th of February 2017

MONDAY 13 February*

16:30 Registration & Mingle

17:00 Kickoff with partners 

17:30 Live sessions:

Jonathan Lundqvist - Reporters Without Borders

Ginna Lindberg – Head of Foreign News, Ekot, Swedish Broadcasting

18:00 Workshop with KTH Innovation coaches & working dinner 

21.00 End of program

TUESDAY 14 February*

08:30 Breakfast & Mingle

09:00 Tech inspiration with Annelie Demred, Commercial Dir, Bambuser

09:30 Teamwork & Solution prototyping

11.00 Expert feedback - user testing

12:00 Working lunch 

14:00 Introduction of KTH Innovation "INStant WIN™ pitch model 

15:00 Feedback on pitch and prototype

17:45 Jury presentation session 

19:15 - 21:00 Award ceremony & Mingle with finger food

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Cost To Participate?

No, It's completely free so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

What will I do ?

You will be teamed up (if you don't apply as a complete team of 3-5 people) to create ideas and prototypes to help tackle a challenge that we have chosen. KTH Innovation coaches will help and facilitate you during the whole event.

What if I can´t programme ?

We expect you to be part of solving problems for real users; programming is just one piece of the puzzle. Media Hackathon is for both experienced hackers and those who have never participated in a hackathon. It’s a great place to meet new people, explore and create new ideas and solutions with other people. 

How do I apply ?

If you feel that your skills, passion and interest fits the challenges just hit the APPLY NOW button. 

Can I apply as a Team?

Yes, you can apply as a complete team of 3-5 people preferebly as a interdisciplinary group. You can either choose to work with your own challenge (needs to be approved and confimed by us) or choose one of the existing challenges.

How big is the team ?

We will curate all teams with a maximum of 5 people to be sure that there is a great interdisciplinary mix in each team for each challenge. 

Who owns the Intellectual Property ?

By registering to this hackathon each Participant automatically agrees to grant all other Participants and all Partners a license to use all intellectual property created by Participant during or in connection with the Media Hackathon. As organizers of the hackathon we disclaim any responsibility of disputes between the participants regarding IP rights both before and after the hackathon. For full info read the section Terms&Conditions below.

What about food ?

During the whole event there will be coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be also be served free of charge for all participants during the whole event.

What Do I Have To Produce During The Hackathon?

Each team is expected to produce prototypes consisting of sketches/wireframes/mockups to clickable prototypes/proof-of-concepts/ fully functional applications along with a concept pitch presentation.

Do I need to prepare and bring something ?

Yes. Please bring anything you’ll need to present, code etc (e.g your laptop) for the visual presentation. If you want to save valuable time you can also research sources that you can use to create solutions for the challenge.

Will there be free WIFI?


What happens if I dont show up ?

Please be sure that you contact us if you by any reason cannot come since your team will otherwise be incomplete.

What are the jury criterias ?

Societal Impact, Height of Innovation, Ease of Implementation, Level of presentation

Code of conduct

You agree to act professionally, treat everyone with respect, and treat the facilities with proper care. You agree that you are responsible for any accidents or damages that you may cause.

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Terms & Conditions

The Partners are pleased to host the Media Hackathon – Freedom of Speech on February 13-14, 2017 at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (hereinafter referred to as the “Media Hackathon”). Participation in the Media Hackathon is free of charge for Participants.

By registering to this hackathon each Participant automatically agrees to grant all other Participants and all Partners a license to use all intellectual property created by Participant during or in connection with the Media Hackathon, such license also includes any kind of confidential information revealed during or in connection with the Media Hackathon. Participant confirms that he/she will not enforce her/his moral rights in any copyright created during the Media Hackathon.

By agreeing to become a Partner for the Media Hackathon each company hereby grants all other Participants and all Partners a license to use all intellectual property created by their employees participating in the Media Hackathon, such license also includes any kind of confidential information revealed during or in connection with the Media Hackathon.

Such license is non-exclusive, valid for any purpose, global, perpetual, non-revocable, sub-licensable, transferrable and royalty free. The license also includes the right to modify, decompile and/or disassemble the work. If any corrections of minor defects takes place after the Media Hackathon Participant warrants that copyright and any other rights to such corrections will be included in the above mentioned license without any kind of reimbursement. Such license includes the right to publish all intellectual property rights in any form what so ever, including but not limited to publication at the event site (, in social media, at respective Partners sites and media channels as well as at/during the Media Hackathon.

Each Participant or Partner using any intellectual property created at or during the Media Hackathon shall himself be responsible for examining whether the creation functions as desired, is affected with malware, spyware, viruses or similar harmful code or content, is encumbered by or infringes upon a right held by a third party. Respective Participant have no liability for other Participants or the Partners use of intellectual property created at or during the Media Hackathon

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed with and be governed by the laws of Sweden, excluding it choice of laws provisions.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled in public court with District Court of Stockholm as the court of first instance

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